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We provide more than 5% discount for returned customer, please contact me first before you place your new order.

"TOLL FREE PHONE!" We have 24hours customer service through SKYPE. Please call it through account name : starix2001 . And it will redirect the call to my cellphone ( You don't have the pay for the calling bill).

5-10minutes is the average respond time if you contact us through our toll-free phone first.

You can also always send me an email first to ask if we can deliver the gold before you place the order, our email is [email protected]

A experienced real money trading team located in Taiwan, has experience of virtual currency selling since 2003 Everquest, and 5yeras experience of World of Warcraft since 2004.

Most of us are college students of NCKU in the south Taiwan, you can see your school from this link.

All of our computer are protection by VPN, our IP are located in Dallas atm.

You can browse our feedback in the playerauctions from here:

Or send us a question through our store here too in the playerauctions: