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Our goal at is to provide our members with a safe place to buy, sell and trade MMORPG accounts and items. To accomplish this we have a multi-tiered membership level that includes verification

Membership Levels
  • Unverified Members
    This is our default membership level for new members

    • Members have a [Not Verified] tag next to their username
    • Members can receive feedback, but it is not displayed until they become verified.
    • Members can buy and sell without any further restrictions

  • Verified Members
    Full membership level. This shows users you have Verified your account and are a trustworthy buyer and seller.

    • Members pay a one-time $5.00 verification fee and verify a phone number
      • This can be done from the Members Area > My Account > User Verification page
    • 20% off all auction fees
    • The [Not Verified] tag is removed and feedback is shown as normal
    • You will receive this badge next to your username

  • Pro Sellers
    This membership level is meant for sellers that have multiple listings and games

    • 50% discount on all site fees
    • Your maximum balance will be raised from $10 to $25

    • Requirements to upgrade
      • The user must have a minimum of 10 positive feedbacks
      • Your feedback rating score must be 100%
      • Your account must already be Verified

How to Upgrade your Account
  • If you meet the requirements to become a Pro Seller, please contact support via the Contact Page to get upgraded.